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Activity field

Elva Group SRL. started operations in August 2006 and carries on business in the areas of manufacturing and assembly building, public works and private industry.

Activity field:
- Residential or non-residential buildings construction works;
- Electrical installations works;
- Plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning works;
- Joinery and carpentry works;
- Floor and wall covering works;
- Painting and glazing works;
- Roof covering and building terraces works.

Quality Policy established under the SR EN ISO 9001/2001, keep in mind that one of the determining factors in the growth performance of the company is quality products and services they offer.

In January 2007 SC Elva Grup SRL is certified in ISO 9001:2001 by CERTROM Bucharest.

In August 2008 SC Elva Grup SRL is authorized by CERTROM Bucharest SMM 14001 and SSM 18001.

The company has a work point in Ploiesti, Valeni Street, no. 145, Prahova county, land with a total area of approx. 3000 sqm, of which 1700 sqm of buildings and industrial buildings where we operate to:

- Metal structures and parts of structures manufacturing;
- Metal doors and windows manufacturing;
- Ventilation channels and special parts manufacturing.

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